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What is bubble tea?

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea (or simply boba) is a drink that typically consists of a tea base with tapioca pearls. Tea bases can include a wide variety such as black tea, green, and oolong, while milk and other sweeteners and fruits can also be included for flavor. 

Tapioca pearls are chewy balls made from tapioca starch. They have a slightly sweet taste but are more well-known for the sticky and bouncy texture they add to drinks. Because of their size, larger straws are used to drink anything with tapioca pearls inside. 

There are several varieties and customizations that can be made to bubble teas, such as using bursting bobas (that come in many flavors) and using different fruits or different types of milk to fit whatever flavor someone might like. 

Why choose our bubble tea?

All-natural flavors, healthier, and real authentic bubble tea!

Our bubble tea is the only bubble tea shop in Lexington that doesn’t use any artificial powder to make our drinks. We only select the best organic fruits and fresh top-rated Japanese and Taiwanese tea leaves to brew and make all of our fresh tea. 

In addition to bubble tea, we also serve other fresh and innovative drinks! Come to check out our fruit teas, green teas, frozen yogurts, fruit smoothie/slushes, shaved ice, and much more! All of our drinks are made with real and fresh fruit!

How do we make our bubble tea? 

No artificial powder! No artificial flavors!

Your body deserves the best vitamins and nutrients, not just for what you eat but for what you drink. Hence, we use only top-quality products and organic materials to make our drinks. Our green tea has the ability to detoxify the body and is filled with organic fruits. In addition to that, our fruits are all fresh bought and used in two days. We also brew our tea leaves and tapioca every morning to keep our materials fresh and ready to go!

Where are we? 

Come to enjoy authentic Taiwanese bubble tea, a healthier and more innovative option for fresh tea! We are located at 1080 South Broadway, Suite 201, Lexington KY. Tsaocha is a chain store, but we are a locally Kentuckian-owned small business. We are a start-up shop and the only bubble tea in town with this particular method of freshly made boba. Come visit and support us, our hours are Tuesdays to Sundays, from 12 pm-8 pm!

What does the name “TSAOCHA ” mean?

“As the story goes – there was a group of people that found it extremely difficult to be able to drink a good cup of pure tea which not only tasted great but consisted of pure/natural ingredients. Therefore, this group decided to make “A Pure Cup of Good Tea” which was similar to the pure tea they desired, and they decided to establish a milk tea shop they liked.” 

Due to the near-paranoid pursuit of pure tea, the founders seemed to have created a “Holy Land of Mike Tea”. Now, many are dedicated to making this pilgrimage to obtain fresh bubble tea. (Note: The word “TSAO” in “TSAOCHA” is “pilgrimage” and “CHA” is “TEA”)

-Taken from TSAOCHA US official website

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